Product and Furniture design studio in Brooklyn USA

 - Corporate philosophy –

Enrich people's lives.

Design is not a necessity per se, and is a never ending pursuit. But the drive to create is a gift that only humans are given; it enriches our minds and leads to continuous innovation. “Hachi” in our company name HACHI COLLECTIONS represents the number 8 in Japanese reading. The company logo is based on the numerical figure motif and incorporates light and dark essential for shaping substances. Since ancient times, the number has also represented human enrichment and prosperity, and as these elements also represent our corporate philosophy, the name HACHI COLLECTIONS was born.Enrich people's lives: HACHI COLLECTIONS strives to be a company that forever continues this quest.


Shuya Iida Co-founder and Designer [Left] / Takafumi Toyama Director and Project manager [Right]


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